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Backroads Are Great

April 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

A couple of weeks ago, I had to go to Fresno for one of those annual checkups that aren't much fun - not awful just, you'd rather not have to. Anyway, I decided I would take a back road home and I tossed my camera bag in the truck in hopes there might be something interesting to see.

California Farmland - Storm on the WayCalifornia Farmland - Storm on the Way

I really am fascinated by some of the agricultural buildings - I never know what they are for and there is never anyone there to ask.

Farm BuildingFarm Building

I also ran into two curious bovines for the cattle series.

Curious Cows IVCurious Cows IVThe story behind these cows (and isn't it nice they have their horns) is that I had stopped on a back road to take a picture of some neat farmland that was ready to be planted. In the field was the cutest little baby burro and his Mom and I took some minutes to say hi and give scratches. After a bit, I looked up to see that our interaction was an interesting one, according to these bovines.



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