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Lest You Think I Abandoned an Entire Lifeform

February 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Of course I still love fungi!  And the weather has been must friendlier, AKA wetter, this year, meaning I've been finding all sort of great fungi this year, some of which seem to be obscure or undocumented species.  Either that or they are so nondescript that no one cares.  No one except yours truly.

These are very tiny (no more than 3 mm) fungi - no gills, instead a smooth pore structure.  I found them growing in the moss on a big chunk of Raymond granite.

Tiny Moss FungiTiny Moss FungiThese fungi do not have gills, instead they have a smooth underside. The largest of these was no more than 3 mm across.

A type of Crepidotus, with a lovely gill structure.

CrepidotusCrepidotusI believe these tiny fungi are a species of Crepidotus, maybe C. mollis. The gill structure of these I find quite beautiful

Apparently, these are Gloeophyllum sepiarium, a lovely gilled polypore that grows on rotting oak logs.

Gloeophyllum sepiariumGloeophyllum sepiariumI'm told by someone far more knowledgeable than I, that these are Gloeophyllum sepiarium.



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