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The Season is Changing (as it is wont to do)

September 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I got the first hints this last weekend that autumn is coming around again.  My Saturday walk had me feeling a certain crispness - not truly brisk yet - and some nice color.  My Sunday walk started out that way - one minute I was walking along the river enjoying the sweet smell of what little moisture is left in the Chowchilla, the next brought a shift in the wind and lungfuls of nasty smoke from the Rough Fire.  That fire has been burning for weeks and decided to send bad air our way again after some days of staying to itself.

This image was taken on the neighbor's side of the river, looking back and up at the far end of our ranch, the area we call the Northwest Territory.  This metal gate is the ingress to our place.

Gate to the Northwest TerritoryGate to the Northwest Territory


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