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Cattle Series - Another

June 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I am finding it oddly pleasing that now that I have declared a series, I can stop being embarrassed that I'm taking pictures of cows.  Before, it made me feel rather sheepish (ha ha) that I had to fall back on what could be seen as blatantly easy.  After all, they're everywhere. 

However, they are not always everywhere in a place or time where the images might turn out well, and often times the critters themselves decide not to cooperate.  For being such large mammals, they can be real 'fraidy cats.

Nevertheless, "art" won out on yesterday's walk.

This big guy was happily chewing his cud under a big oak down by the river.

Nothing Like a Good ChewNothing Like a Good ChewThis big guy was in the shade with his cud. Doesn't get better than this.





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