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It Was Spider Day Yesterday

April 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

My walk yesterday took me through an area on a neighbor's place where there were a remarkable number of invasive bull thistle.  I despaired of finding any native wildflowers.  Along the way, though, I spotted an interesting white "thing" on a blade of grass.  It turned out to be an egg sac, tended zealously by a tiny yellow and white spider.


On my way back through our Rodeo Meadow, I was thrilled to see a couple dozen Mariposa Tulips blooming - Calochortus venustus.  I chose one I thought would be a good one to photograph and found:  yet another spider!

And then, just because the Calochortus genus is one of my favorites - so many beautiful species, although I've only seen two in our area - I took this picture of Calochortus albus, White Globe Lily (also known as Fairy Lantern).  

White Globe Lily



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