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November 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Life has gotten in the way of writing little blog posts - actually it's more that my paying work has been extremely busy and I haven't been left with much extra energy for writing.  Plus, and this is a great thing, I have been using what extra there is to practice the piano.  Now mind you, I am still a rank beginner but it is still great fun even during the frustrating times.

Nevertheless, I do still take out my camera most every weekend.  Around our place, it's been mostly birds and I would call those record shots. 

I did happen to have the camera around for a couple of nice landscapes - this first one I took on the way home from a Bay Area trip.  I managed to catch the light just before it - poof! - went away.  I have taken several other nice photos of the area around where I took this image, which is on Avenue 26 heading east out of Chowchilla toward the Sierra. 

Avenue 26 SunsetAvenue 26 Sunset

And this second image is from a particular outlook heading into Oakhurst on Road 600. I drive past this spot every day on the way to work - some days the view is extra specially beautiful, such as on this day right after a good soaky rainstorm.



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