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Not a Great Day with the Camera When All You Get is a Smoke Shot

September 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Our area in the area around Yosemite has been greatly beset by way too many wildfires this year, what with drought, dry brush conditions and people doing dumb stuff. 

Yesterday, I decided the heck with the heat and headed out for a long walk anyway.  I noticed some fluffy clouds as I got to our part of the river, but didn't think too much of it and I headed into the loveliest part of the Chowchilla.  This is where the banks are shaded by ash trees and cottonwoods and oaks and there are still a few pools left where the Blue Heron and the last remaining ducks hang out. 

When I came up out of the river bottom, I noticed the Same Clouds in the Same Place they had been before.  That did not bode well and sure enough, a few minutes later one of the big VLATs (very large air tankers) came by, headed back to Merced to get more fire retardant.  We are starting to recognize the two DC-10s now as individuals; they are 911 and 910. 

Our ranch is not in danger because of this Courtney Fire, but who knows what will happen with the next one.

Smoke from the Courtney Fire September 2014Smoke from the Courtney Fire September 2014


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