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On the Juxtaposition of Robusto Music and Grandparenthood

June 24, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Obviosly portraiture is not my primary photographic love.  But sometimes, it can be doggone fun. 

In September, I will become a grandmother for the first time.  My son and daughter in law are expecting a daughter and I can hardly wait.  They live in Washington DC, so I take every possible opportunity to see them.  They are visiting the Bay Area this week, and on Sunday, I drove into the Bay Area to attend a baby shower.  This was one of those modern co-ed events and of course I took my camera.

There were lots of family record shots of holding up cute baby clothes and toys and lots of images of family members noshing on snacks and smiling. 

But - there was also this moment where my son and his two old friends and bandmates from Robusto allowed me to poke my camera at them.  I do believe this captures the essence of this wonderful, although currently on long-term hiatus, band.  L to R, Don Reynolds, Tom Burkett and Will Rzad (my aforementioned son).




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