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Go Out There Anyway

June 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I've found myself feeling somewhat uninspired again by the prospect of tromping around in the dry dusty landscape that is our ranch nowadays.  Last weekend, I never did get out and about - although I was productive in other ways, specifically shoveling left over stucco stuff from the renovation work being done on our house.  That was quite the strenuous afternoon.

I felt bereft to some extent though, away from the camera for a couple weeks. 

Although I was still feeling a bit down in the mouth yesterday I decided to go out anyway.  I finished up my post-breakfast chores, plopped my camera pack on my back and headed north.  You already know what I'm going to say.  Once I was out there looking at things, it was great.  Nifty, in fact. 

In spite of the drought, I managed to find a little pocket near the river where four (!) unknown-to-me wildflowers bloomed.  I've since been able to identify three, and am still working on the fourth.  I love that.

I got a great picture of one of the neighbor's humongous black bulls, all of whom I call Bruno. 

However, I am most pleased with this image.  The neighbors had unlocked the gate across the ford (Chowchilla River) and put the lock in a safe place. 

This Barbed Wire is SafeThis Barbed Wire is Safe


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