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From Pedestrian to Sublime?

May 27, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It should come as no surprise that one of my favorite things to do is go out walking, on the hunt for new wildflowers or birds or generally interesting items to take pictures of.  One of my particular obsessions is an attempt to photograph, identify and document all of the wildflowers I see.  I've got close to 200 images, of which at least 3/4 I've been able to identify with some measure of certainly. I have a preference for native wildflowers, but I'm interested in the non-native ones too, although bull and yellow star thistles are not favorites.  Last Saturday, I found this native clover, Creek Clover (also called Clammy Clover), Trifolium obtusiflorum.  I was battling a bit of a wind, and I got what I consider a "record" shot - not the best focus in the world, but not bad either.

I'm in the process of creating a Blurb book called Wildflowers of Dryad Ranch - it's been three years now since I've started it.  Maybe at the end of this season, I can print one, but I'm sure there are many more wildflowers I haven't seen yet so I expect I'll have to keep adding to it.  (This prospect delights me - it's OK with me if it never quite gets done.)

Clammy (or Creek) CloverClammy (or Creek) CloverTrifolium obtusiflorum

















After getting the image into the wildflower book, I was left with an itch to see if something more interesting could happen with the image.  I made a copy of the file and started working with filters and generally messing around.  Maybe I'm overstating the case, but I was really pleased with what I ended up with.  I think it looks a bit like an abstracted willow forest or a hall of mirrors or a jewel case.

Willow ForestWillow Forest


























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