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Exceptionally Excellent Spring for Wild Things

April 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I admit I was worried that the drought would mean no wildflowers and no other great nature-y things.  Although we have gotten about 1/3 of our typical amount of rain for the season - really bad - even so, it must have come at the exact right time to make the wildflowers go nuts.  On our place, the flowers are also most likely benefiting from the fact that we did not let the neighbor's horses come onto our place due to the lack of time to secure the fence line, meaning that what the equines would typically have munched, got to bloom instead.

It's very difficult to keep me inside on the weekends this time of year (well, anytime of year).  This past weekend, I headed out for a Saturday afternoon walk, and ended up not getting home till nearly five hours later.  It was a hard slog for the last mile and a half or so coming up the hill from the river.

The best part of the walk was discovering that one of the deepest pools in our river was occupied by at least one Beaver - Castor Canadensis. I believe this is a female.  I took a large number of photos initially until I was satisfied that I'd gotten at least one good one, and then found a spot to settle down and just watch her swimming.  She had one eye on me at all times, but only slapped the water with her tail twice, and that happened within the first few minutes of her discovering my intrusion on her river universe.

Another wonderful find the last couple of weeks was a new pea species (new to me, not new to the world) - Sulphur Pea, Lathyrus sulphureus.  I think these colors are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for a spring flower.

Sulphur PeaSulphur PeaLathyrus sulphureus


Finally, one of my favorites:  Bird's Eye Gilia, Gilia tricolor.  These are blooming in remarkable profusion this year.

Bird's Eye GiliaBird's Eye GiliaGilia tricolor



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