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It's Been Busy

March 24, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Not making excuses for myself.  Even so, my job has been extra specially busy lately (grateful to have my job), not to mention the fact that we're in the middle of some house renovations (such a horrible process).

Anyway, this weekend instead of doing the weeding I should have done I was greatly distracted by some of the wildflowers that grow - er - wild in our Upper Garden.  All of our garden spaces still have very much of a semi-wild aspect still, which can be charming except for the dang filaree weeds which are the bane of my springtime existence.

One of the weeds I found had the most interesting dandelion-like puff seed head - it's not a dandelion but I've forgotten now what it's called.  Before I yanked it out of existence, I grabbed my camera and took this shot.

Looks like a weed!


Finding that somewhat boring, I fired up an older version of Photoshop that still had a couple of Pixel Bender plug ins that I quite like and came up with this.  Fun times.




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