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Why Yes I Am Obsessed

February 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

We got an entire 0.04 inches of rain last week.  Sad but it still meant that I had just enough inspiration to go out wildflower and fungus hunting.  I did way more hunting than finding, but I did have some luck.

It looks like these Wavy-leaved Soap Plants are eager to grow in spite of drought, as I noticed a lot of them popping up.

Water Drops on Wavy-leaved Soap PlantWater Drops on Wavy-leaved Soap Plant

Fungi, on the other hand were few and far between but I could not resist taking this shot of a good-sized batch of amanitas, big sun and lens flares notwithstanding.  I got out the wide angle for this shot, which I wouldn't have normally, but I didn't want to exclude many of the individuals in this group.

Big Sun MushroomsBig Sun Mushrooms



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