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February 24, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I found this romanesco broccoli at the grocery store on Friday while I was doing the shopping.  I've noticed them before and thought the swirling patterns were beautiful and I ought to take pictures.  I'm sure that's not an original thought or anything, but I figured that even I were skunked while going out and about on one of my regular walks, I would at least be able to have a subject to play around with.

This is the composition I liked best from the shots I took.  I used the macro lens and found getting a good focus rather more challenging than I expected even with a small aperture.  I guess it was so swirly and with so many peaks and valleys that wonderful lens had trouble.  I probably should have pulled out my trusty 35-100 mm zoom but I figure I can do that next time I buy one of these.

We ate it for supper, so I'll keep an eye out at the store next time to try again.



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