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In the Interim, I Became a Grandmother

December 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Yes, of course I've visited and taken any number of pictures of the most excellent grand-offspring, my granddaughter.  But, I think I'll just keep all those personal. 

Meanwhile, now that we've gotten some rain - although not nearly enough by an order of magnitude just about to get us out of this drought, it has finally turned into Fungi Hunting Season.  I only wish I had more knowledge of what it is I'm actually looking at. 

I think these are related to or similar to Schizophyllum commune, more specifically, the underside.  I find the gill structure and the obvious threads of mycelium on this ash log to be quite beautiful.

Fungi on Ash LogFungi on Ash LogPossibly Schizophyllum commune

And I've been told these little mushrooms are of the Psathyrella genus.  The largest of these had a cap of about a centimeter in diameter at most.

Small FungiSmall FungiI've been told these are from the Psathyrella genus


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