Praying Horse Designs by Megan Ralph | About
I live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, in California, just southwest of Yosemite National Park. My interest in photography grew strong when I realized how much I wanted to share the almost-daily delight and joy I find in living in this beautiful area.

I have several areas of photographic interest:

* Our 128 acre ranch in the oak savanna is as close to paradise for me as I could possibly imagine. I attempt to prove the point with my photography.
* Road trips are great too.
* The eternal quest is on for the Ultimate Chowchilla River photograph. Maybe the next one will be It. Maybe not.
* I have an obsessive love of fungi and a sub-interest in slime molds and lichen. During the rainy season, on weekends it's not actively pouring, I can be found at least once meandering through our 128 acre ranch paradise, looking for the fungus amongus and getting muddy and wet. I'd like to document every variety we've got, a vain hope I know. Some of these images turn out to be better than mere record shots.
* When the fungi give out, wildflowers are a great substitute. So are horses and cows. And rocks.
* Two other ongoing photo series always on the back of my mind are: tools (especially old ones) and roots.
* I really like abstract(ed) images as well as your basic realism shots. Fiddling around with pixels is fun.

For the last several years, I have been compiling a "yearbook" of our life on Dryad Ranch. I've used Blurb's nifty bookmaking service for those, and those yearbooks as well as books on tools and fungi are available in my bookstore at Blurb. Going to the Books page on this site allows you to watch a preview of those books.

I still have a few silk scarves left available for sale, which I designed and had digitally printed at DPI. In a past creative lifetime, I handpainted silk scarves but I found that my ideas and visions of the results far outstripped my ability to actually create the desired outcome. My digital skills are much better than my hand-to-eye coordination in terms of such fluid painting.

Photographs, books and scarf designs are copyright Megan M. Ralph, all rights reserved. Please respect that copyright. Any use without my written permission is unauthorized. If you wish to use a photograph or design for any reason, please contact me at