Old Cans and Cow Skulls

August 25, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

It's been a rather fallow period for me the last few weeks, at least in terms of picking up the camera.  I've been working on other creative-ish projects, mostly volunteer work for my Audubon group. 

I got out the camera pack yesterday however and headed down to the river to see what could be seen.  Which was:  not much.  It's dry and brittle here; our part of California is considered in "extreme drought".

It will come as not much of a surprise then, that I found dead stuff.  Two cow skulls were on offer, and the half carcass of one of the owners of those skulls.  The other skull came complete with a pile of feathers nearby.  Not sure why the juxtaposition but it made for some interesting compositional attempts.

The only shooting I do is with pixels, but one of our neighbors has a shooting range set up. No one there as I walked through on my way to the river, but I was intrigued by big stacks of old cans.  None of the cans had been shot at apparently - none had bullet holes in them at any rate.  I also found a bunch of shot-up old bowling pins; I haven't started to work with any of those images yet.































































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