In Fact I Have Still Been Found With Camera in Hand

October 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

In spite of the fact that my paying (day) job is amazingly busy with projects and boatloads of work, nevertheless I have managed to squeeze in a couple of walks and one perfectly wonderful weekend trip to Elkhorn Slough in the Monterey Bay area. 

The outing to Elkhorn was part of a field trip sponsored by our Audubon chapter, Yosemite Area Audubon Society, and was great gobs of fun.  We left a day early and took an afternoon boat "safari" through the slough and saw so many birds and critters:  harbor seals, sea lions, and rafts of sea otters.  Gotta love those otters!  I did discover that it can be challenging to take pictures of moving critters from a moving boat.

Sea Lions being oh so nonchalant.

Sea Lions - Elkhorn SloughSea Lions - Elkhorn Slough

Snowy Egret - just off Jetty Road near the State Park

Snowy Egret - Jetty Road Elkhorn SloughSnowy Egret - Jetty Road Elkhorn Slough

The following day we went to the Elkhorn Slough Estuarine Preserve and then after lunch headed to Kirby Park to see if we could spot the Red-necked Phalaropes that had just migrated in.  (Yes, first time I've seen any, they are cute little guys.)

We walked out the boardwalk and although I'm not necessarily a seagull lover, found this scenario rather charming. (At least two species of gull, plus one elegant tern in this mix.

Seagull Lineup - Kirby Park/Elkhorn SloughSeagull Lineup - Kirby Park/Elkhorn SloughThere were at least two species of gull, plus one elegant tern, in this group.

Sunday was a visit to the Monarch Sanctuary in Pacific Grove, where only a few butterflies had arrived.  We enjoyed watching those, and found that the sanctuary itself was pretty good birding.

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch ButterflyMonarch ButterflyTaken at the Monarch Sanctuary in Pacific Grove, CA

Chestnut-backed Chickadee

Chestnut-Backed ChickadeeChestnut-Backed ChickadeeTaken at the Monarch Sanctuary in Pacific Grove, CA


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