Horses Back on the Place

October 27, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Our uphill neighbors (also the family of my husband's cousin) have a relatively large herd of horses - 35 or 40, I can't quite keep track.  In past years, we've kept the gates open between their place and ours to let the horses graze.  A couple of years ago, basically at the start of the drought, we had to start taking care with how many critters came down and when, as the grass was getting overly munched.  At the moment, we are in needs of having our grass mowed, what with the fire danger, and the horses are in need of food.

So we've got 20 equines, including one mule, on the parcel we call the Northwest Territory.  I took my afternoon walk yesterday to see if I could capture a few horse-y moments and got this nice portrait of the Freisian mare, Vanessa.



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